Feasterville Family Practice LLP
523 Bustleton Pike
Feasterville, PA  19053
phone: 215-355-7900  fax: 215-355-9005
To request a referral, you may either submit the information online by
HERE, or if you would prefer to leave a voice mail to request a
referral, please call 215-953-1071 and leave the following information:

  1. your name and phone number
  2. name of health insurance company (Aetna, Keystone etc.)
  3. date referral needed by
  4. NPI number of physician or facility you are going to (please spell all
  5. code for the procedure to be done (consult, follow up etc.)
  6. your diagnosis or symptoms

Aetna HMO and some Keystone referrals can not be accomplished
electronically.  For these, we need the following ADDITIONAL information
which may be obtained from the specialist.

  1. diagnosis code
  2. procedure code
  3. number of visits requested
  4. specialist's provider  NPI number
  5. specialist's fax number

-Please allow two business days for referrals to be completed.
-We are not permitted to "back date" referrals.
-Cigna no longer requires a referral, simply a written prescription
obtained from our office.
-We suggest calling our office the day before a specialist appointment to
assure the referral has been done.